Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Poker Run on Saturday

A reminder that the CCHA's first poker run, visiting historic sites throughout Catawba County, will be held on Saturday, June 19. For more information, see below or visit Murray's Mill on Facebook.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Summer reading: Truth Magazine, 1899 [part 1]

" How racy was this?"


Here are some scans from summer issues of Truth magazine from 1899. I have not been able to found a lot of information on this social commentary publication, but from what I found on PBS's History Detectives website has been quite interesting. Here's an excerpt from an interview:

Rich West: It’s a great image. This is very typical of the work that he did for “Truth” magazine in the 1890s.
Wes: I’m not familiar with “Truth” magazine.
Rich: It was a dominant 1890s publication. They called themselves “the handsomest illustrated magazine in the world.”
Wes: Oh, great!
Rich: And this is an example, I think, of why it could rightly claim that title.
Wes: So, Rich, have you seen this particular image in “Truth?”
Rich: It’s vaguely familiar to me. I may have seen it before, but I can’t really place it.
Wes: So what exactly would this have looked like in the magazine?
Rich: Well, I’m sure they had the name “Truth” up at the top that’s been trimmed off and there most certainly was a caption on the bottom that’s been lost.
Wes: Really?
Rich: It’s very rare to find any 1890s artwork where the editor couldn’t resist putting in a tag line. Yeah, I suspect it’s not because the artist supplied these beautiful drawings, but the editors supplied the captions, and my guess is it’s probably wittier than that.

Wes: Do you have any copies of “Truth?”
Rich: Yes.
Wes: Can we take a look at some?
Rich: Sure, let’s go.
Wes: Okay, great.
Rich: So there’s a woman on the cover.
Wes: That’s unusual, isn’t it?
Rich: Yes, especially this early. Of course, after the turn of the century, every magazine in America had a woman on the cover, but at this time, it was an unusual thing.
Wes: How racy was this?
Rich: There were a lot of libraries that refused to subscribe to a magazine like “Truth” because it was not appropriate family reading matter.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summer time

From the archives...some lovely ladies and gentlemen enjoying warm weather...anybody know who they might be or where they are? The last photo looks like maybe a 4th of July you see the American flags?